Thursday, 26 July 2012

P7 - How to make an iPad eBook with CoronaSDK

In this tutorial I’ll show you a demonstration on how to use a very important module called Director. This module was develop by Ricardo Rauber at his lab in Brazil. He created it to help the developer’s community and certainly he is doing a great job. Right now he is in version 1.4. if you want more information you should go to his page and take a look. The only sad things is that there is not available information for beginners, so that’s why I decided to give Ricardo a hand and try to explain a little more what is it about. I hope I’m doing a good job here, if not please let me know what would you like me to explain further.

But then how did I manage to understand it? Well there are some comments inside the module. And you can also run it and see how it works. So that’s about it. After that you need to implement it with your own code; and that’s how I teach myself.

If you are looking for my work you can visit my page: Interactive iPad Books for children on my other website. And if you are feeling thankful  please buy one of my apps.

So let’s get to it.

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